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Mister Tourism International Philippines Send Off by Dennis Natividad · 365 Project.

With Misters 2015 on its way through its formal launch last June 4, the last of the 2014 winners have yet to compete internationally – Judah Cohen, Mister Tourism International Philippines. Mister Tourism International will be held in August.

While his other co-winners from Misters 2014 have been out and about, the same can be said about Judah. True to his title, he has partnered with the Department of Tourism, in particular Region 7 where he is based and has been active in tourism efforts there.

Having exposed to different projects of the DOT has enriched this stunning title holder with knowledge and skills that he can use in the international competition to be held in Panama. He also mentions rigorous work outs at the gym are also part of his preparations for the pageant. 

Judah has been true to his title apart from having been active in tourism projects here. He was also invited by the Filipino Community of Rome to visit them in Italy. 

Truly, he is a stalwart of international camaraderie and tourism to the core.