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Apotheosis of Francisco Balagtas by Dennis Natividad · 365 Project.

Apotheosis of Francisco (Concrete Sculpture, 1920) Balagtas by Isabelo L. Tampinco 

Isabelo Tampinco (19 November 1850 – 30 January 1933) was a Filipino sculptor known for his woodcarvings for churches, most notably the Church of San Ignacio in Intramuros: altar, the pillars, the ceilings and the other intricate portions of the church; public edifices; and homes.

Among his works were Manila Cathedral’s famous facade, the high relief on Santo Domingo Church’s molave door, the main altar of the Laoag Cathedral, and woodcarvings in San Agustin Church. Out of a desire to create a uniquely Filipino style, he incorporated native flora and fauna designs in his sinuous openwork and Art Noveau whiplash outlines style of woodcarving. Among his native motifs were the banahaw, areca palm, and bamboo. The said detail became known as “Tampinco frames.”

Source: Wikipilipinas