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Gentlemen of the Philippines – Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 Send Off by Dennis Natividad · 365 Project

Gentlemen of the Philippines – Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 Andrea Biondo will embark on a mission that could alter the course of his young life and bring honor to the country at the same time.

Today, Andrea departs for Bali, Indonesia to join the other candidates in what could be the biggest international male pageant ever – Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 – with more than sixty confirmed participants who will vie for the title currently being held by Christian Ortiz of Puerto Rico.

Andrea prepared hard for this challenge. And he is not leaving any stones unturned in his objective of winning the contest. The team behind Gentlemen Charities Incorporated (GCI) made sure that all bases are covered – from wardrobe to talent to Heart of Ambassador Project to interview training to TV/Radio guestings to media interviews to fitness regimen – the entire package.

Andrea will be staying in Bali for all Pre – Pageant activities until September 27 before moving to Surabaya for rehearsals and finals night on September 30. Hopefully, he will bring home the bacon #ForThePhilippines.

In the meantime, GCI encourages everyone to keep supporting Andrea in three ares of initial points – accumulating segments of the competition: the Popularity Voting which can be accessed via the Facebook Page of Mister Universal Ambassador – http://www.facebook.com/misteruniversalambassadorofficial, Official voting at http://www.misteruniversalambassador.com and Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/misteruniversal ambassador.

*Text from the Official Press Release of GCI